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2019 Dodge Charger: A Muscle Car Through and Through

With its available V8 engine, the 2019 Dodge Charger is a muscle car through and through. While the car company offers the sedan with a V6, buyers should consider springing for the higher-powered engine. Those who do will have access to 485 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. Car buyers who want an automobile like the Charger aren’t interested in it because they want a sensible vehicle

The Second HellCat

When Dodge introduced the Challenger HellCat, it was one of the fastest muscle cars available. With over 700 horsepower powered by a V8 engine, the popularity of this car led Dodge to create the Charger HellCat. When a 2 door coupe isn’t enough, the Dodge Charger will offer the space of a sedan with the power of a sports car. Starting at $65,000, the Dodge Charger HellCat produces an impressive 7

The Force is With the Star Wars Inspired Dodge Charger

In the Star Wars films, the Imperial Stormtroopers were the nameless, faceless soldiers who fought Luke Skywalker and his rebel forces. Despite serving mostly as cannon fodder, the Stormtroopers at least looked cool in their black and white battle armor. Their look was iconic enough to inspire thousands of fans to dress up like them at conventions, so why not develop a Dodge Charger that looks sim