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The First Lamborghini Ever Made: Not the 350 GT

Ferruccio Lamborghini was inspired by an insult to create a ferocious V12 high performance luxury car. Said insult was Enzo Ferrari’s response to Lamborghini’s critique of the 250 GT (easily one of the most coveted cars of all time). Ferruccio told Enzo that the car was too loud and too stiff to be used on normal roads, and that the clutch was subpar. Ferrari asserted that the problem

A Tale of Two NSXs: Classic Coinessieur Car

When the Honda NSX was released in 1990, the automaker was taking huge risk. At a time when even F1 racing was removing the nuance from driving; this one of a kind sports car was adding more of it to a production car. Entirely averse to driving distractions; the Honda NSX offered only the essentials of driving (albethem high-end for the era), even before the Ariel Atom made automotive minimalism c

The Rezvani Beast Is Real

When Ferris Rezvani announced that he was going to be making yet another supercar he was met with quite a bit of skepticism. Why would anyone believe that he was to actually make a product, when his first two attempts were vapor. Both the Bulleta RF-22 and the Volarra GT never materialized under his helm (though a Dutch version of the latter will soon be available by the name Vencer Sarthe). Howev

Minimalist Sports Car: Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Hyundai recently released a concept car; the Vision G. The Vision G as the name may or may not imply is a sneak preview of what the Genesis subbrand might have in store for the future. It was a coupe that packed the power of the Genesis sedan’s 5.0 liter Tau V8. In my humble opinion, it seems that the Korean has monumental rebranding plans in store for their flagship company. Because, while the

The Best Car Jaguar Will Never Make

The Jaguar brand did not exist until 1935. Before then, the father of Jaguar was a coach builder; he made stunning bodies for cars that already existed. That year he made his first car, the sporty SS100. 75 years after the unveiling of their first production car, Jaguar made the best car under the badge; the C-X75, unfortunately, the completely conceptual concept will never hit the streets. That

Buzz About the Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 officially started shipping from the factory the day before July. Since then they have exceeded sales expectations; pre-delivery. Apparently everyone loves the fourth generation Miata. But why is the news buzzing so fervently about the newest Mazda MX-5, did the Japanese Automaker just knock this one out of the park? The Miata has always essentially existed in a vacuum. And by that

Plug-in Hybrid SUV Race: Porsche Cayenne

The fact that Porsche was the first to make a Plug-in hybrid SUV is no surprise. The first hybrid ever made, was in the 19th century, by a man name Ferdinand. A year later this car premiered at the 1900 world’s fair. The Semper Vivus was the first automobile to use both electric and internal combustion engines in tandem. 115 years later, Porsche has reached the market first again; their plug-in Hy

Plug-in Hybrid SUV Race: Mercedes GLE550e

Mercedes-Benz’s new 2015 GLE line may seem like an all-new model, but it actually is not. It is just an SUV by another name. Merc is now giving all of its SUVs the G distinction, I assume for clarity’s sake. Mercedes’s GLE550e seems to be the most limited of the plug-in Hybrid SUVs hitting the market, but if it is a race, they might be getting there first as it is supposed to be released in Septem

Plug-in Hybrid SUV Race: Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is entering its second generation. This new generation is beyond exciting. Before its official release in the fall later this year; it has already nearly reached its projected production numbers for 2015: 44,000 of 50,000 in pre-orders with at least another month before hitting showrooms. And that was only in the span of less than a year from its unveiling last year. It has also wo

Plug-in Hybrid SAV Race: BMW X5

Three Automakers: BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo are trying to make a plug-in hybrid SUV before the release of the Tesla Model X. They are all being made by European Automotive royalty, but can they even compete with the scrappy upstart Tesla’s all electric SUV? Maybe... but first how do they stack up against one another. First up, a plugin SAV from BMW: their new X5 xDrive40e (is a mouthful) seems to e