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Driverless Cars Facing Bumps in the Road

Driverless car technologies have been in the works for several years now. Over the next few years, we will likely see the dream become a reality. The race is on to see which auto maker or technology firm will be the first to the finish line with a self-driving car. However, the race has hit an unexpected bump in the road in the form of bicyclists. Auto maker Renault-Nissan recently revealed that

Autonomous Uber Vehicles: A Threat to the Personal Vehicle?

Car makers have recently felt some new pressure and the threat of competition with the announcement that Uber, an extremely valuable start-up company, was in the process of developing autonomous vehicles. This means that, potentially, drivers could use a simple app to order up their own driverless taxi to go anywhere they need to go, as opposed to owning and driving their own car. Uber is in the p