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RIP Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200

This past Friday, I wrote a piece for the Auto Publishers blog detailing Fiat Chrysler’s plans to emphasize production of crossovers, SUVs and trucks. FCA’s logic for this change is as follows: a) big vehicles, specifically pickups, jeeps and SUVs, are the big moneymakers in today’s auto market and b) current fuel prices make purchasing gas-guzzling vehicles a more palatable option now than in yea

FCA Bets on Gas Prices Staying Low Forever

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (better known as FCA) released its updated North American business plan, and to be sure they provided some tasty morsels for auto fans to chew over. The FCA plan, which extends to the end of 2020, can be summarized thusly: make fewer small cars in favor of more Jeeps and trucks. On the surface, these don’t sound like bad ideas at all. In fact, they more or less accuratel

The Borg-Like Fiat Chrysler Wants to Merge with YOU

Say, did you hear the one about Fiat Chrysler CEO and black sweater aficionado Sergio Marchionne looking to merge with his company with another automaker? There’s no punchline to this joke, although we’ve had a few laughs over Marchionne’s merger attempts. For those of you who believe that repetition is a key element in comedy, Marchionne didn’t disappoint with his latest remarks. The outspoken F

The Barracuda is Back and Badder Than Ever

In the underwater kingdom, a barracuda is a long, large fish noted for its intimidating appearance. But in the automotive world, the Barracuda is a name that inspires hushed tones, mainly because it’s been so long since one has been seen in its natural environment on U.S. roads and highways. Some may even shoot you a quizzical look and ask, “Barracuda? Do they still even make those?” If Dodge has