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Ford Focus on the Positive

As much as I approve of the idea of New Ford (post nameless marketing campaign), it seems that as of late the auto has been slacking. Unfortunately, after years of progress towards regaining lost ground the major Detroit Automaker has started to hit some snafus. Instead of surrounding itself in positive attention regarding the new freakishly fast foci hitting the pipelines; Ford is being marred by

Ford Focus Transmissions

The Ford Focus is a phenomenal car. They are cheap, gas efficient, reliable and spacious. Despite a somewhat lingering distrust of of the blue oval, they are making only quality vehicles these days. In America, they may not be the best selling nor the most trusted options in their segments, but in Europe; their sedans and hatchbacks go fast (they receive RS treatment). Luckily, the US will be best

Ford Focus: More Than a Face

For years the Ford Focus has been one of the best selling compact cars in this country. Currently the only cars that are ranked better and/or sell more in the compact car category are the Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf and Jetta in descending order. The Ford Focus, however has more adaptability than most of its rivals, behind a pretty face, it has a sport version, a gas-efficient EcoBoost version and an