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2019 Ford Mustang: More Than a One Trick Pony

Ford just keeps on improving the Mustang. It gets better and better every year. For 2019, the car company updated the exterior, gave the muscle car plenty of power and improved the car’s handling and overall comfort. The vehicle comes in a coupe or a convertible, and buyers can get it in different trim levels. Ford is offering the car with an independent rear suspension, which is the first t

The Mustang Crosses International Borders

The Ford Mustang has always had a large fan base in the US. In September of 2015, AutoBlog rated the Mustang as the world’s best-selling sports cars. This is not surprising since the Mustang has been around for over two decades. Ford has pushed to make the sports car perform on the same level as the top sports cars available around the world. Recently, Ford started offering the Mustang in Germany