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Alfa Romeo to Reinvigorate FCA

It is no secret that Sergio Marchionne is using Alfa Romeo to court bigger automakers for a chance at a merger. I even get where he is coming from, if established companies join forces, each of them benefit from the other’s expertise. However, in this case I highly doubt it is Mary T. Barra’s personality Marchionne is going for… I know a gold digger when I see one. It is common knowledge that FCA

Revamping Alfa Romeo With the Giulia

Alfa Romeo has always had a special place in motorists hearts. This is not because they are known for reliability, but because they were known for outlandishness. Like Lancia, the Italian cars they made were not necessarily going to last through the warranty, but like a supernova, they made an impression during their lifespan… also possibly a huge fire in the process. But that was half the fun. No