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GM Aims to Lighten Pickups

With the goal of competing with Ford trucks and meeting strict federal fuel economy standards, General Motors is making some highly notable changes to their next generation of pickup trucks. Soon, drivers will be able to purchase GM trucks that have beds made of carbon fiber. In the past, such a feat was limited to luxury vehicles and sports cars. GM would be the first to apply this lightweight y

GM Allows Drivers to Make Purchases from Their Car

Imagine you’re driving and all of a sudden you start craving some buffalo wings, or maybe a cup of coffee. GM owners will now be able to make use of a handy new feature that allows them to make remote purchases, while they’re driving, through the Marketplace app. On GM infotainment screens, drivers will be able to use their cars to purchase all kinds of goods and services; they can res

GM to Expand Self-Driving Operations

It seems that every major auto manufacturer has been focusing operations on establishing efficient and safe self-driving vehicles for interested shoppers. General Motors has recently taken it upon itself to begin expanding operations near the Silicon Valley region in order to better provide drivers with self-driving vehicle options. The automaker had said that it is planning on hiring 1,100 people

Automatic Braking Projected to be Standard by 2022

With technology constantly advancing towards self-driving vehicles, it is not surprising that so many automakers are planning on taking components of the self-driving technology and applying them to their own vehicles. As the march towards driverless vehicles continues, realistic goals are being set for vehicular changes, such as in many of the safety features offered by modern cars. Even though d

General Motors Begins Autonomous Car Development

With so many automotive innovations being made, GM has focused its research on a still new field in driving: self-driving cars. General Motors has had numerous of its employees working on an autonomous vehicle project that has been relocated to the Warren Tech Center. In order to keep up with research and active development, the major American automaker's representatives have said that the brand w

General Motors Plans Expansions in Canada

In June, 2016, the representatives of General Motors joined Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Oshawa in order to announce major expansions for the automaker's software and engineering developments in the country. The major auto group has placed particular emphasis on continuing operations to support the development of new and more innovative technologies in the future. This expansion focus

Ford and Friends: Specifically General Motors

Building a car is an exceedingly and increasingly expensive endeavor, companies like Ford Motor Company and General Motors can spend a billion dollars just designing one car. Building a car is so expensive the bitter rivals Ford Motor Company and GM, chose to work together to build a transmission. A few decades ago that was not the case. It was not only The Big (or Detroit) Three (Ford, General M

Tesla Model 3 and the Bolt in its Plans

The day the automotive world has been waiting for came and went, Tesla Motors revealed their highly anticipated Model 3. There were two mentalities of anticipation, either you are on team Tesla is going to save the world, or ruin my business. Obviously the oil industry, has vested interest in the Model 3’s flopping. They wanted the range to be under 200 miles so the anxiety would hinder sales. Un

GM Might Be King of the Autonomous Auto Future

When General Motors (GM) first announced their alliance with Lyft, many people were not able to extrapolate how that union would yield results in auto autonomy. Now, it seems that they will be in the best position when legislation catches up to technology. None of their competitors have an infrastructure anywhere near advanced as the American auto group’s. But how did GM investing in a ride-sourci

GM Gets Smart (Mobility)

General Motors (GM) is the latest automaker to jump on to the smart mobility bandwagon. The way automakers see it, the incipient industry, is still ripe for vertical integration. That is why GM initiated the process of expressing interest in the emerging market in the first month of this year. It started with a $500 million investment into Lyft. The only ride-sourcing opponent that is even on Ub