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Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles on the Fast Road to Progress

We all know Google for its ubiquitous search engine, but there will come a day when the world also knows it for its self-driving vehicles. In the six years since it began its Self-Driving Car Project, Google’s self-driving vehicles (pictured) have logged over 1.4 autonomous miles across America’s roads. Currently, Google is road-testing 55 of its self-driving vehicles on the streets of Mountain Vi

Google’s Next Innovation: Talking Self-Driving Vehicles

We here at Auto Publishers pride ourselves at staying ahead of the latest trends affecting the automotive world. One of the points we’ve been consistent about is that a future with self-driving vehicles in it will soon be upon us. While that may sound awesome in the abstract (or perhaps scary, depending on your point of view), there are still plenty of legal issues to be worked out, to say nothing

Artists Google Doodle on Self-Driving Cars

If you’re like me, one of the first things you look forward to seeing when you log onto your computer is the Google Doodle for that day. Google Doodles are used to commemorate holidays, notable events and famous people—and now, local artists are using them to celebrate their communities as part of Google’s Paint the Town contest for its Self-Driving Car Project. As it is headquartered in Mountain

Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Go the Extra Mile for Safety

Millions of Americans celebrated Halloween this past weekend, and thankfully the grand majority of them made it home safely. Unfortunately, however, some did not. And contrary to popular perception, the real danger didn’t come from tainted candy but rather from auto safety accidents. In fact, there were 115 pedestrian fatalities of children ages 18 and under on Halloween between 1990 and 2010, mak