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Volkswagen Beetle: Car-Magnon

It is awful to articulate, but the prototypical Volkswagen model: the Beetle (both because it was first and because it is the ideal vision for the company), is Hitler’s only acceptable enterprise. Despite rampant state corruption, the end result of the Volkswagen project was an automotive checkpoint, that laid ground for future automobiles. It was Hitler, that listed the stipulations that eventual

NHTSA: Just Calm Down

Because National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the media have not only covered, but unwittingly exaggerated the effects of negligence in the automotive market. Everyday drivers have become increasingly aware of the lingering dangers of driving. Before I continue, some explanation is necessary. In years past, the NHTSA had become famous for accepting donations from American auto

Uber and Lyft in Texas

Two days after Proposition 1’s defeat on May 7th; Uber and Lyft pulled their respective businesses out of the city of Austin. A superficial scan of the story (i.e. title skimming) might yield an inaccurate assumption that Austin has forced them out of the city. However, that is far from the truth, Lyft and Uber decided to team up for a fight in Texas, beyondAustin City Limits. Many do not re

Uber and Lyft: More Than a Fingerprint

The fight against fingerprinting is heating up. Normally bitter rivals; Uber and Lyft; have decided to put aside their differences to team up and fight a foe that is far too powerful for either to topple alone. It is worth noting (because many are unaware), Austin is not the only city that requires drivers submit their fingerprints before driving. In fact, the entire state of Texas requires that

Uber and Lyft Fight Fingerprinting

Austin recently started a highly publicized fight with ride sharing companies Lyft and Uber. The ride start up sourcing super powers; exhibited uncharacteristic coadjuvancy, by aligning in solidarity against the tyrannical will of the Citizens of “old Austin.” Unfortunately, in this case Uber and Lyft were slain by the Goliath that is Texas’s fourth biggest city and historic liberal haven. Basica

Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai Kia: Regarding Mileage

After coasting under the radar for quite awhile, Mitsubishi Motors has made a grand rise to the worst kind of prominence. They (and pretty much anyone else) would much preferred obscurity to impropriety exposure. Regrettably, for the Japanese automaker; the mileage scandal could not have been more nonfortuitously timed for Mitsubishi Motors. The South Korean automaking super duo; Hyundai and Kia;

Mitsubishi Motors and the System

Mitsubishi Motors has seen better days… namely the days in which it was so monumental a company, that it was broken up by the US after World War II. What started as a shipping company in 1873 had vertically integrated itself into a rather tall corporation in a short 20 years. By the second World War, Mitsubishi Group was almost a space elevator. What was once one giant company, is now a more mass

The United States Congress Acts Slow on FAST Act

Earlier last year, President Barack Obama, proposed a $478 Million injection into America’s aging infrastructure, The Fixing America’s Surface Infrastructure Act (FAST). The 2015 FAST Act was passed by the United States Congress with overwhelming support from both sides of the fence. It was enacted by a 359-65 and 83-16 votes in the House of Representatives and Senate respectively, but only after

Learning to Drive: Double Standard

This is not true of the whole world, but the amount of ‘learning’ necessary to be allowed on the streets is dreadful. In the US, all that is necessary is test of common sense and a demonstrated aptitude of deciphering street signs. The only real learning necessary is how to appease the proctor in a 15 minute drive The driving test itself is about as close to a literal walk in the park as is possi

Learning to Drive... Poorly

There are quite a few vested interests, learning how to teach computers to drive. It is not just automakers and Google either; there are countless start-ups in various countries attacking our lack of computerized chauffeurs. Unfortunately, with all this focus on algorithms, people have forgotten to teach humans how to drive properly. Common commuters are the worst. They are egotistical, aggressive