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Ford Googles how to Drive

Recently, a high stakes coupling of Google and Ford Motor Company; had all those who knew an involved source, speculating as to what the particulars of the deal might be. All in all, all that was truly certain was that both companies’ partnership statuses on LinkedIn was on working on it with no official word. Now, both Google and Ford Motor Company have weirdsies as their current status. Despite

Driving the Hackermobile... Right Through Musk's Ego

By now, Elon Musk is a household name. Tesla Motors and SpaceX are such prominent entities, that it would be harder to avoid the constant stream of news originating from them than not know what they are. Musk is so famous, that the Hackermobile (coining credit pending) built by George Hotz has become well known through its documented (figurative) punching the embodiment of Musk’s Ego right in the