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A Supercharged SUV: The 2019 Range Rover Velar

Supercharged and as pretty as they come, the 2019 Range Rover Velar is sure to make the dreams of every SUV shopper come true. This year’s model is a part of the same generation that Land Rover introduced last year. Changes to the Velar include increasing the fuel capacity of the V6 engine from 15.6 gallons to 21.6 gallons and making its air suspension system standard for the vehicle model.I

Land Rover Defender Set to Return to North America by 2020

A long-time dream of Land Rover fans is about to come true. North American dealers have recently announced that they will once again be selling the Jaguar Land Rover Defender off-road vehicle. The Defender was first released in the 1950s and continued through the early ‘70s, when production was ceased until the ‘90s, after which time it stopped altogether. The last Defenders came to th

The 2018 Range Rover Coupe

Land Rover recently confirmed that it has plans to bring out a Range Rover SV Coupe, one that will be a full-size luxury SUV that exhibits a stylish two-door silhouette. While the carmaker has yet to reveal the vehicle’s appearance, it has released a photo of the interior, and unless Land Rover has a trick or two up its development sleeves, the car company will be making this SUV as an actua

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery

If your family is seeking adventure, look no further than the 2017 Land Rover Discovery for your next vehicle. Previously known as the LR4, this crossover has over 11-inches of ground clearance with a 3-foot wading depth, and comfortable seating for up to seven in its redesigned high-class cabin.This is the ideal vehicle for not only our everyday errands, but for your outings to explore as well.

Is the 2018 Range Rover Still the Ultimate SUV?

Think about the ultimate SUV experience. By this, we’re referring to a car that offers a comfortable interior, along with all of the modern tech for someone living in 2018. Let’s also not forget about those specs under the hood. While being pampered in the front seat, you’ll also want a car that can “get up and go,” right? By this point, you might be wondering if such

Land Rover Defender: The Death of Huey

The British made Defender, has been essentially unchanged since 1983, though before then it was denoted by its wheelbase (as in: Land Rover 110). In 1990 they were to introduce a new wheelbase Discovery, and feared it would be the source of confusion, so Land Rover added the Defender designation to divert the discovery of anarchy (under the mud is a dirty Discovery). Other than the addition of m

Land Rover Defender: Who is Huey?

The Wilks brothers are responsible for the revival of Rover during the 1930s, the two also oversaw the expansion thereof to include Land Rover. The latter did not exist until 1947, when Maurice Wilks noted that the Willys MB he owned could be vastly improved upon. Thus, the head Engineer of Rover set about creating his own interpretation; the original Land Rover (Defender). At the time of inceptio

Range Rover Recall

Range Rovers have always been seen as a symbol success. They have never come cheap, so more than a few practical decisions typically predate their gracing the garage. They are one of the last remaining examples of British automotive engineering, and the company that makes them makes the only British SUVs on the market. Let’s hope LandRover’s latest recalls do not topple their British S

Jaguar Cars Are Keeping it Real

Apparently, the future founder of the most iconic name in British automotive History; Jaguar; William Lyons and his neighbor William Walmsley were the first to make stylish side cars. In 1922, the coach maker formerly known as Swallows was established. The company was so successful making sidecars, that they expanded their business to include coach building for automobiles in 1926. In 1927 Swallow

Jaguar Land Rover Has a Sixth Sense for Driver Safety

A few days ago in this space, we reviewed Jaguar Land Rover’s plans to develop a remote-controlled SUV that operates via a smartphone app. Now it appears that Jaguar Land Rover is trying to outdo itself in the automated driving front with their latest announcement: a road safety research project known as the Sixth Sense program that monitors driver’s brainwaves and other vital signs in order to id