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Top 3 Japanese Midsize Luxury Sedans

When people want a luxury car, they often think about German vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. However, for those that are looking for luxury, affordability and dependability, Japanese brands such as Acura, Infiniti and Lexus tend to always win reviews. With luxury cars that are lower priced, and easier to maintain, Japanese car makers have seen an increase in sales over the years. We’ve se

Audi A8: Totem of Luxury

When considering the upper echelons of $100,000 luxury cars, 3 names are always brought up, BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class and Audi A8. The names are almost synonymous with luxury. The Tesla should be just as formidable but they do not have the established infrastructure... yet, but when they do it will be a 4 horse race to the top. But as of now, the Audi A8 sits atop the luxury totem pole, and f