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Auto Groups: Fixing Ford's Folly

In the go-go 80s the only thing that garnered more prestige than owning one company was owning several. After a while, it was almost a taboo to be in the upper echelons and only own one company. Small business owner? More like a peasant with a loan. Thanks to corporate personhood (not really) even Ford as an entity wanted to become an Auto Group to be hip like all the others. That was a satirical

Auto Group Outlier: Volkswagen

Touching back on the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) effect, Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) was an outlier immune to their effects due their business model. VW AG was aware that in order to stay buoyant, they needed to balance their resources by building the base out before building up. Basically, Volkswagen embodied a pyramid. VW AG has Hitler to thank for their success. I know that is an awf

Auto Groups: An M&A Effect

The 1980s were particularly unfortunate for automobile drivers, because against them was a dynamic duo of pure evil. It was not just the Crapolla Effect plaguing them; in the late seventies, KKR made M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) the national pastime. The Detroit three saw this as a perfect time to diversify their portfolio… in only one industry. In the eighties the coolest thing one could do

Tianjin Fire Totaled 2748 Volkswagens

Tianjin has the 10th busiest port in the world by volume and 4th by weight, the city has its hand in all kinds of industries. On August 12th, two major explosions in a port city near the Chinese capital terrified all the residents of more than just the city. Mainly because the whole situation is mired in unanswered questions and governmental suppression.  It was even said that local publications

FCA: Recall Trouble

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV) has made huge gains since its recent inception. Both auto groups went from the brink of bankruptcy within the past 12 years, to one worth over 6 billion as a result of the US government aided merger. However, the company may not be out of the metaphorical woods yet. FCA is scheduled to have a public hearing with the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety A