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Volkswagen Stays Up As It Tries to Shed Scandal

In hopes of reviving its flagging brand, Volkswagen will unveil two new models on Tuesday at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016. The first model to be showcased is an all-new Volkswagen Up (pictured). An updated version of the Volkswagen Up city car will be available in three equipment lines, new exterior colors, body panels, seat fabrics, entertainment systems and more. Besides the Volkswag

Scandal at Volkswagen: It’s Always the Cover-Up

President Nixon once famously observed that it’s not the crime that gets you—it’s the cover up. Unfortunately, many have failed to heed Nixon’s lesson, or learn from his example, which is why people continue to get caught up in scandals that spiral out of control. To wit: the ongoing scandal at Volkswagen, which has devolved from a relatively harmless case of emissions rigging to a deliberate cove

Scandal at Volkswagen: Winter is Coming—Is Winterkorn Going? UPDATED (Part 3)

UPDATE: As this story was being prepared, word came down about Winterkorn’s final fate with Volkswagen. To no one’s surprise, Professor Dudenhöffer prediction about the VW CEO was accurate, thereby rendering the headline to this piece instantaneously moot. In his official statement of resignation from the company, Winterkorn accepted responsibility for the defeat devices that were found in VW di