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McLaren Celebrates 15,000th Car

McLaren Automotive is known for its sports cars with touches of luxury as well as practical features. In 2010, McLaren Automotive was brought back as an independent manufacturer and closely related to McLaren Racing. This car manufacturer became wholly owned by the McLaren Group in July of last year.The 12C was launched in 2011 with the Spider model following in 2012. From 2013 to 2015, McLaren so

The McLaren Senna: Automotive Masterpiece

With the much anticipated Senna, McLaren Automotive is personifying its DNA to an extreme. It aims to create a seamless connection between the driver and the machine. Racing auto manufacturer McLaren boasts that the Senna is the most track-ready vehicle ever produced by the brand and will achieve faster lap times than any other McLaren car to date. The Senna is legal for road use, but not built ju

Motorsport as a Job Creator

Once upon a time, motorsport (namely Formula One) was a stupendous source of both marketing and revenue. F1 was such a driver of innovation, that many companies started in Formula One before breaking that barrier. For example, McLaren started in motorsport, but is now renowned for making one of three hypercars in existence. The reason they were able to make the jump from racing team to automaker,

McLaren Offers Practical Luxury with the 2017 570GT

To use the parlance of our U.K. friends, the McLaren Sports Series of vehicles are simply smashing. As automotive works of art, you can’t do much worse than the 570S Coupe and 540C Coupe. To extend the simile further, McLaren cars are like rare and expensive gallery paintings. McLaren has only sold about 1,500 units in the past two years—due to the fact that they don’t make that many—with the most