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Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai Kia: Regarding Mileage

After coasting under the radar for quite awhile, Mitsubishi Motors has made a grand rise to the worst kind of prominence. They (and pretty much anyone else) would much preferred obscurity to impropriety exposure. Regrettably, for the Japanese automaker; the mileage scandal could not have been more nonfortuitously timed for Mitsubishi Motors. The South Korean automaking super duo; Hyundai and Kia;

Mitsubishi Motors and the System

Mitsubishi Motors has seen better days… namely the days in which it was so monumental a company, that it was broken up by the US after World War II. What started as a shipping company in 1873 had vertically integrated itself into a rather tall corporation in a short 20 years. By the second World War, Mitsubishi Group was almost a space elevator. What was once one giant company, is now a more mass