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What is a Super Car

The Lamborghini Miura is often mistakenly charged of being a supercar. An argument can be made, that today, a 40 year old model is super-, but that would only be true assuming it exists in the contemporary alone. However, that is not the case, each Lamborghini Miura that exists now has been alive for over 40 years. This is a testament to the Modena manufacturing magic it was made with. Despite th

What Is a Supercar?

What makes art special, is the fact that it can instantly elicit an emotion. Creating a supercar is an art that makes everyone involved happy, however, like art they are not necessarily made to be practical. As mentioned when introducing the Lamborghini Miura, the super- prefix (as in supercar) intrinsically implies impracticality. But, people love supercars, because they are wildly impractical,

The Original not Supercar

For the first supercar Sunday, I will start with the first ever ‘supercar,’ the Lamborghini Miura. With that in mind, I respectfully reject the title of ‘supercar’ thrust upon the Miura. This is not because the car is not spectacular, but because the super- prefix has an unintended consequence of implying a debilitating weakness. The Lamborghini Miura is more Clark Kent than Superman. Before cont