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AutoPacific Announces 2016 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

According to the results of Auto Pacific’s 2016 Vehicle Satisfaction Award research, Tesla has risen to the top of the list once again as the most satisfying car brand for the second year in a row among all car and light truck owners. Auto Pacific is a future-oriented automotive marketing and product-consulting firm. This yearly study revealed the 2016 results in Tustin, California on June 8,

Tesla Is Special

While Tesla Motors is universally praised for making what some consider to be the greatest car ever; not every aspect of the company garners such admiration. Namely, Tesla’s ability to push volume. Thus far, Tesla has never been able to actually build even 30,000 cars in a single year, which is what they sold last year. Graciously, last year, the company saw almost a 50 percent boost in prod

Tesla Model 3 and the Bolt in its Plans

The day the automotive world has been waiting for came and went, Tesla Motors revealed their highly anticipated Model 3. There were two mentalities of anticipation, either you are on team Tesla is going to save the world, or ruin my business. Obviously the oil industry, has vested interest in the Model 3’s flopping. They wanted the range to be under 200 miles so the anxiety would hinder sales. Un

Tesla Terrifies Petrol Powered Automakers

Tesla Motors was not really challenged the way other innovative ideas have been in the past, however it was repeatedly dismissed. Before the Roadster came out people put the idea of a practical electric auto into the boondoggle category. After it came out detractors denounced it as a niche market car. Belittled Tesla Motors by implying they had only succeeded in editing a Lotus Elise into an elect

How History Will Remember Tesla

Tesla lives in the headlines, because it has a compelling story behind it. The man that established the company does not just have a vision for the future of his many companies, his vision blankets over humanity. Tesla is not even the most impressive company under his many hats, SpaceX is already the first private company to have stolen governmental contracts away from NASA. Elon Musk wants to us

Tesla Takes Their Time

After Tesla Motors broke the scale (and the compression machine) with their Model S, and then achieved expectations with the Model X, the Model 3 has some large shoes to fill. As important as the other two were, the Tesla Model 3 is far more to the company’s future success or failure. Relatively speaking, it is rather simple to make one car in low volume, that shames the more established com

Tesla and the Industry

Tesla Motors must be one of the most explosive companies to ever grace the automotive market. Despite the fact that there are established players in the market that have been selling cars for decades now, their offerings cannot compete with the second car Tesla Motors ever designed, the Model S. In all fairness to the other automakers, they had a pretty good thing going for quite a while. After de

Tesla: Hacks and Rumors

Tesla Motors cannot spend a single week without being a publicized topic of discussion for a litany of various reasons. Skeptics usually have some harbinger of doom to broadcast, while Tesla-philes have some new snake oil to talk up. Usually it is non-news with a buzzword (Tesla) incorporated into it. That said, some of the following will be speculative (non-news) by origin. However, combined, th

Tesla Announces Tentative Release Date for Model 3

Tesla CEO/super-genius Elon Musk is obviously obsessed with sex. We’ll explain what we mean in just a minute—first, here’s the latest on the Tesla Model 3. March 2016 is the slated date for the reveal of the Model 3 prototype, a fact that Tesla recently confirmed on Twitter. A fully realized version of the vehicle will be released sometime in 2017. Musk revealed the launch date for the eagerly a