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Formula One Is Safer Than People Think

The cinematized versions of Niki Lauda and James Hunt effectively described the ubiquitous appeal of motorsport, in Ron Howard’s Rush. It is a rather embarrassingly barbaric allure, but unfortunately, it is one we; as a society; have not, and likely will never outgrow. People just love how close motorsport gets to death. The propensity they have of dying is often exaggerated In the movie, Lauda c

Motorsport as a Job Creator

Once upon a time, motorsport (namely Formula One) was a stupendous source of both marketing and revenue. F1 was such a driver of innovation, that many companies started in Formula One before breaking that barrier. For example, McLaren started in motorsport, but is now renowned for making one of three hypercars in existence. The reason they were able to make the jump from racing team to automaker,

Automotive Inspirations Introduction

When necessity is no longer available, economic gains and/or competition are the most effective drivers of innovation. This has resulted in eras of competitively concentrated innovation in the automotive market. Specific dates are difficult to solidify, but there generalized lapses in which the invisible hand Adam Smith spoke of, pointed out particular problems which were promptly pummeled into pa