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The Tesla Model 3 Competitor

The Tesla Model 3 has become very popular in the electric car market. Tesla was the first to announce an electric vehicle around the $35,000 price range, with over 200 miles per charge. Recently, Chevrolet announced that their new Bolt EV will get roughly 238 miles per charge when it comes to the showrooms later on this year, putting it ahead of the popular Model 3. Since the new Chevy Bolt EV is

Most Affordable Electric Vehicles

In the past few years many people have started switching from gas vehicles to electric ones. Electric vehicles are great for those that want an economical car that’s good for the environment and doesn’t require gas station stops. While electric cars may have zero emissions and be great for the environment, they are not always cheap. When looking for an electric vehicle, there are quite a few affor

Security Expert Exposes How Easy it is to Hack a Nissan Leaf

Troy Hunt is MVP (which, in this case, stands for Most Valuable Professional) for Developer Security at Microsoft, which makes him a trusted authority on the subject of vehicle hacking. So when Hunt uncovered a security loophole that allowed him to control a Nissan Leaf that wasn’t his own via a vulnerable API, people are going to take notice (particularly people like us who write about the automo