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A Tale of Two NSXs: Classic Coinessieur Car

When the Honda NSX was released in 1990, the automaker was taking huge risk. At a time when even F1 racing was removing the nuance from driving; this one of a kind sports car was adding more of it to a production car. Entirely averse to driving distractions; the Honda NSX offered only the essentials of driving (albethem high-end for the era), even before the Ariel Atom made automotive minimalism c

A Tale of Two NSXs: New for Neophytes

The Honda NSX was first released in 1990. That first generation NSX inspired a cult following from generation X. Now, Acura (a part of the Honda Motors family) is releasing a second generation NSX that they hope Generation Y will have a similar reaction to. Aside from the having the same name and brand, not much really links the two generations on a superficial level. They do not even share the sa

Honda NSX: The Original Bipolar Sports Car

The original Honda NSX was supposed to be a Jade of all trades, while simultaneously being a Jack of all tracks. That said, the NSX was rather bi-polar, occupying two extremes of the same sports car category. The first generation; when released; was revolutionary, because it had a uniquely universal allure. It was the first sports car to appeal to the masses, while concurrently pleasing niche die-

The Honda NSX Is Already Outdated

The Honda NSX has been a crowd favorite since genesis. Its intention was undeniably attractive; achieving said objective was inspiring. At the time, Acura’s first sports/super car was unique in that the mastered motoring motive was daily driveability. In the early 90s, supercars were notoriously unreliable. Now, the whole notion of a dependable supercar being a selling point is outdated, the engin