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Land Rover Defender: The Death of Huey

The British made Defender, has been essentially unchanged since 1983, though before then it was denoted by its wheelbase (as in: Land Rover 110). In 1990 they were to introduce a new wheelbase Discovery, and feared it would be the source of confusion, so Land Rover added the Defender designation to divert the discovery of anarchy (under the mud is a dirty Discovery). Other than the addition of m

Land Rover Defender: Who is Huey?

The Wilks brothers are responsible for the revival of Rover during the 1930s, the two also oversaw the expansion thereof to include Land Rover. The latter did not exist until 1947, when Maurice Wilks noted that the Willys MB he owned could be vastly improved upon. Thus, the head Engineer of Rover set about creating his own interpretation; the original Land Rover (Defender). At the time of inceptio