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The First Lamborghini Ever Made: Not the 350 GT

Ferruccio Lamborghini was inspired by an insult to create a ferocious V12 high performance luxury car. Said insult was Enzo Ferrari’s response to Lamborghini’s critique of the 250 GT (easily one of the most coveted cars of all time). Ferruccio told Enzo that the car was too loud and too stiff to be used on normal roads, and that the clutch was subpar. Ferrari asserted that the problem

The Duality of Lamborghini: Practicality Rivalry to Bankruptcy

Ferruccio Lamborghini was an exceedingly practical man. He was born into a family of grape farmers in 1916. Due to his early onset fascination with engines, the Italian air force employed his services as mechanic. It was in the little Greek island of Rhodes, where Lamborghini became a mechanical artist. Glossing over the fact that he fought for the axis powers, he was a stupendousengineer, of the

A Tale of Two NSXs: Classic Coinessieur Car

When the Honda NSX was released in 1990, the automaker was taking huge risk. At a time when even F1 racing was removing the nuance from driving; this one of a kind sports car was adding more of it to a production car. Entirely averse to driving distractions; the Honda NSX offered only the essentials of driving (albethem high-end for the era), even before the Ariel Atom made automotive minimalism c

A Tale of Two NSXs: New for Neophytes

The Honda NSX was first released in 1990. That first generation NSX inspired a cult following from generation X. Now, Acura (a part of the Honda Motors family) is releasing a second generation NSX that they hope Generation Y will have a similar reaction to. Aside from the having the same name and brand, not much really links the two generations on a superficial level. They do not even share the sa

Honda NSX: The Original Bipolar Sports Car

The original Honda NSX was supposed to be a Jade of all trades, while simultaneously being a Jack of all tracks. That said, the NSX was rather bi-polar, occupying two extremes of the same sports car category. The first generation; when released; was revolutionary, because it had a uniquely universal allure. It was the first sports car to appeal to the masses, while concurrently pleasing niche die-

The Honda NSX Is Already Outdated

The Honda NSX has been a crowd favorite since genesis. Its intention was undeniably attractive; achieving said objective was inspiring. At the time, Acura’s first sports/super car was unique in that the mastered motoring motive was daily driveability. In the early 90s, supercars were notoriously unreliable. Now, the whole notion of a dependable supercar being a selling point is outdated, the engin

The Rezvani Beast Is Real

When Ferris Rezvani announced that he was going to be making yet another supercar he was met with quite a bit of skepticism. Why would anyone believe that he was to actually make a product, when his first two attempts were vapor. Both the Bulleta RF-22 and the Volarra GT never materialized under his helm (though a Dutch version of the latter will soon be available by the name Vencer Sarthe). Howev

Minimalist Sports Car: Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Hyundai recently released a concept car; the Vision G. The Vision G as the name may or may not imply is a sneak preview of what the Genesis subbrand might have in store for the future. It was a coupe that packed the power of the Genesis sedan’s 5.0 liter Tau V8. In my humble opinion, it seems that the Korean has monumental rebranding plans in store for their flagship company. Because, while the

The Shelby GT350R Mustang Is on Its Way!

It’s the announcement that pony car enthusiasts have been waiting for: Ford has begun production of the Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustang (pictured). These highly anticipated Ford Shelby autos are being made at the automaker’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Flat Rock, MI, which is the same plant where the standard Mustang was once produced “This is a special day for all Mustang enthusiasts,” said Bill

Snag a Dodge Hellcat While You Can

Demand for 2015 Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcats is at such a fevered pitch that all of the available 2015 model-year cars have already been snapped up. It appears that even Dodge was caught unawares by the brisk sales these high-performance muscle cars have generated, which is why the automaker announced that it is doubling down on production of its 2016 model-year Dodge Hellcat vehicles