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Automotive Market: Sales Need Supply

The automotive market is currently facing a rampant uptick in demand. Sales have climbed indiscriminately for the better part of 6 years now. Granted, that's only because there was a bit of a crisis, that caused a monumental drop in auto sales. Regardless, 2015 yielded record breaking sales. Sales are so high what would normally be a considered a natural waning due to market and calendar realiti

Sales Tolls

The latest month of sales has been reported by all major auto groups, and the numbers are not ideal. Seven of the Ten most prolific automakers have seen sales deficits; Year over Year (YoY); when compared to last May. Overall, total auto sales have 6 percent across the board. What is most unnerving for those in the aforementioned industry, is the fact that most automakers have not only dropped in

Embryonic Automotive Era

Any time a revolutionary new technology is introduced, a period of plethoric propagation follows. It was no different during the rise of automakers in the embryonic Twentieth Century. Up until October 24th, 1929 (Black Thursday (the stock Market Crash)), the only thing standing between an engineer and an automaker; was creativity, talent and drive. People were essentially popping out of the woodw