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Yandex to Release Its Self-Driving Vehicle in the Near Future

After spending a few years testing its autonomous driving system, Yandex, the Russian counterpart to Google, released its first test model at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January 2019.Although most of the items revealed never reach the production stage, the unveiling of the Yandex autonomous vehicle reveals that it is quite possible that some of these products could become a solid reality

How Autonomous Cars May Affect You

The autonomous car will quickly take the auto industry by storm. Autonomous cars have a lot of promises to offer drivers and are an exciting innovation to behold, but the technology will affect consumers in more ways than one, both positively and negatively. Here are just a few of the ways autonomous cars might affect you. Negatives Loss of Jobs The University of Michigan Transportation Research

Intel to Release First Batch of Self Driving Cars Before End of Year

In August, Intel announced that they will build up to 100 self-driving cars. The first 25 cars will be released before the end of the year in California and Arizona. Intel has already played an important role in the advancement in self-driving cars by providing processors for Waymo’s fleet of automated cars. The main difference between Waymo’s and Intel’s cars is that Intel&rsquo

Continental Partners With Intel, BMW and Mobileye For Self-Driving Car initiative

Continental is joining the autonomous vehicle revolution. The German automotive component manufacturer and second largest supplier of tires, interior electronics, suspension component and safety systems in the world recently announced a strategic alliance with BMW, Intel and Mobileye to provide integration of components and software for self-driving cars. Integration of hardware, software and data

Uber Planning on Expanding Self-Driving Car Research

The Uber brand is already a renowned name in the transportation industry, dedicated to providing passengers with an easy and affordable way to get from point A to point B. The brand prides itself on its contemporary appeal, and those working to optimize driving services to offer passengers additional comfort and security are always scrutinizing the driving process itself. As a result, it's not so

Google's New Self-Driving Technology

Self-driving cars have started getting more attention as they are becoming more of a reality. Many companies such as Google and Tesla have started testing and adding self-driving technology into their vehicles. While Google is still experimenting with their vehicles, Tesla has already released some “autopilot” features in their cars. Unfortunately, even though there is an “autopilot” feature in t

General Motors Begins Autonomous Car Development

With so many automotive innovations being made, GM has focused its research on a still new field in driving: self-driving cars. General Motors has had numerous of its employees working on an autonomous vehicle project that has been relocated to the Warren Tech Center. In order to keep up with research and active development, the major American automaker's representatives have said that the brand w

Savari Showcases its V2X Safety Solutions in Detroit

These safety concerns need to be addressed before driverless cars hit the road. It is expected that by 2020, thousands of Americans will be purchasing autonomous vehicles. Some of the main safety concerns relate to inclement weather confusing sensors and radar, as well as obstructing camera vision. Savari, a company focused on implementing automotive safety through technology, showcased its V2X

Addressing Safety Concerns with Self-Driving Cars

A revolution in automotive technology is on the forefront with the recent development of self-driving cars. An idea that in the past seemed so futuristic is know just a few steps away from being made possible in 21st century America. It is said that millions of self-driving cars are projected to be on the road by 2020. However, as the testing stages begin to commence with prototype vehicles, there

Autonomous Autos: Planning from the Past

The North American International Auto Show, was home to revolutionary announcement; $4 Billion will be allocated specifically into autonomous auto programs. The Bill was proposed by the United States Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, on a stage accompanied by representatives from Google, Ford, and Delphi. Thus far, it is only a proposal, there are no reports of support from either side of the