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Apple Makes Serious Plans Regarding Self-Driving Vehicles

Developments for self-driving cars have been making tremendous breakthroughs on a regular technological and consumer-interest basis. Many major manufacturers are focusing on establishing powerful software and hardware systems that can provide drivers with the safety they need in all driving situations. Some renowned brands have dedicated themselves to such developments from the start, while others

Uber Releases Their Self-Driving Car

Companies have been racing to introduce a true self-driving car for a few years now. Big companies such as Tesla, Apple and Google have invested large amounts of money into autonomous vehicle technology. Today, Uber announced that they will be testing their self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh. Uber plans on testing out their self-driving technology with roughly two dozen Ford Fusions. Their engineers

Autonomous Cars to Reshape the Auto Insurance Industry

We all know the general ins and outs of car insurance. You make a driving mistake and cause damages to another driver or their vehicle and the liability is on you. Hopefully, you have enough of the right types of insurance to pay for the damages you have caused. However, once self-driving cars hit the roads, who is liable? Robert Peterson, Santa Clara University law professor believes that if an

Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe Enough?

We live in an age of technology and innovation. Most of the time these things bring many positives into our lives, including much-appreciate modern conveniences. Although a self-driving car has yet to be released to the general public, anticipation about the convenience they will provide and its other positives have all of the world talking. However, automotive safety advocates are beginning to ha

Why Autonomous Autos?

By now it is no secret, within the next few years, traditional cars will start to be challenged by their robotic brethren; Autonomous Autos. Some of those on the production side of the equation; Elon Musk; says that the introduction of all out self driving cars will make not only traditional cars but traditional drivers obsolete. To be fair, the autopilot feature on the Tesla Models S and X, alrea