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The BMC is Preparing for Driverless Vehicles

The British Motor Corporation's Mini line is planning ahead for the future, as many analysts and professionals in the industry believe that traditional driver-operated vehicles may become optional. In order to prepare for such a future, the BMC shared its vision of a future where free-floating robotic vehicles are available for all drivers to enjoy. The Mini Vision Next 100 is an electric concept

Addressing Safety Concerns with Self-Driving Cars

A revolution in automotive technology is on the forefront with the recent development of self-driving cars. An idea that in the past seemed so futuristic is know just a few steps away from being made possible in 21st century America. It is said that millions of self-driving cars are projected to be on the road by 2020. However, as the testing stages begin to commence with prototype vehicles, there

Who’s to Blame for Self-Driving Vehicle Crashes?

In a previous Auto Publishers article, I made the case that self-driving vehicle technology is far more advanced than the public imagines. Indeed, the argument can be made that these vehicles are better at driving than humans. Where self-driving vehicles like the Google Car (pictured) often fall short is their strict adherence to the rules of the road. While it may sound counterintuitive, the bigg