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The Fastest Cars From Toyota

Toyota has always made vehicles that are known for their reliability and affordability. There have only been a handful of cars from Toyota that have been known for speed or sport. The Celica was the last sports coupe they offered in 2005 after they stopped making the Supra. With talks of a new Supra that may be introduced in 2017, we look back at the fastest sports cars that Toyota ever offered. O

Sports Cars From Lexus

Lexus has always been known to be a great luxury car brand. They have offered vehicles that are as luxurious as their German counterparts while also providing the reliability of the Toyota brand. In the past few years Lexus has entered the sports car market, introducing vehicles that are great for both everyday driving as well as the track. In 2010, Lexus proudly introduced the LFA which was thei

Porsche Redesigns the Boxster

Porsche has always done a great job at blending both sport and luxury into their vehicles. Their high-end models such as the Cayman and 911 continue to beat super cars on the track while offering an elegant interior which faster cars often lack. Their lowest level sports car which is the Boxster recently received a much needed upgrade both to the looks and engine. The new Porsche Boxster received

A Tale of Two NSXs: Classic Coinessieur Car

When the Honda NSX was released in 1990, the automaker was taking huge risk. At a time when even F1 racing was removing the nuance from driving; this one of a kind sports car was adding more of it to a production car. Entirely averse to driving distractions; the Honda NSX offered only the essentials of driving (albethem high-end for the era), even before the Ariel Atom made automotive minimalism c