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What Is a Supercar?

What makes art special, is the fact that it can instantly elicit an emotion. Creating a supercar is an art that makes everyone involved happy, however, like art they are not necessarily made to be practical. As mentioned when introducing the Lamborghini Miura, the super- prefix (as in supercar) intrinsically implies impracticality. But, people love supercars, because they are wildly impractical,

The Original not Supercar

For the first supercar Sunday, I will start with the first ever ‘supercar,’ the Lamborghini Miura. With that in mind, I respectfully reject the title of ‘supercar’ thrust upon the Miura. This is not because the car is not spectacular, but because the super- prefix has an unintended consequence of implying a debilitating weakness. The Lamborghini Miura is more Clark Kent than Superman. Before cont

A Tale of Two NSXs: New for Neophytes

The Honda NSX was first released in 1990. That first generation NSX inspired a cult following from generation X. Now, Acura (a part of the Honda Motors family) is releasing a second generation NSX that they hope Generation Y will have a similar reaction to. Aside from the having the same name and brand, not much really links the two generations on a superficial level. They do not even share the sa