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Apple Is Definitely not, not Designing a Car

Technically, we should not say this aloud (or in print), people tend to soft ball it, but I am going to say it, Apple is designing a car. Take that to the bank, there are no doubts about it. However, if lightning strikes Halley's comet and a four leaf concurrently, and the iCar (Project Titan); does not materialize that does mean I am wrong, it means Apple lost Billions. Therein lies the fear of

Tesla Model 3 and the Bolt in its Plans

The day the automotive world has been waiting for came and went, Tesla Motors revealed their highly anticipated Model 3. There were two mentalities of anticipation, either you are on team Tesla is going to save the world, or ruin my business. Obviously the oil industry, has vested interest in the Model 3’s flopping. They wanted the range to be under 200 miles so the anxiety would hinder sales. Un

The First Lamborghini Ever Made: Not the 350 GT

Ferruccio Lamborghini was inspired by an insult to create a ferocious V12 high performance luxury car. Said insult was Enzo Ferrari’s response to Lamborghini’s critique of the 250 GT (easily one of the most coveted cars of all time). Ferruccio told Enzo that the car was too loud and too stiff to be used on normal roads, and that the clutch was subpar. Ferrari asserted that the problem

The Duality of Lamborghini: Practicality Rivalry to Bankruptcy

Ferruccio Lamborghini was an exceedingly practical man. He was born into a family of grape farmers in 1916. Due to his early onset fascination with engines, the Italian air force employed his services as mechanic. It was in the little Greek island of Rhodes, where Lamborghini became a mechanical artist. Glossing over the fact that he fought for the axis powers, he was a stupendousengineer, of the

Volkswagen's Electric Distraction

After being burned via (the lungs in particulate) diesel emissions, Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) has started to electrify everything (primarily Porsche). Many might believe it is a marketing ploy; that it is all in response to the scandal, but that is not true. Even before the diesel disaster; the auto group was using the excesses generated by Audi and Porsche to develop interchangeable modal e

Tesla: Hacks and Rumors

Tesla Motors cannot spend a single week without being a publicized topic of discussion for a litany of various reasons. Skeptics usually have some harbinger of doom to broadcast, while Tesla-philes have some new snake oil to talk up. Usually it is non-news with a buzzword (Tesla) incorporated into it. That said, some of the following will be speculative (non-news) by origin. However, combined, th

Aston Martin DB11 Leaked

My penchant for Aston Martin, is obvious. I honestly believe they are the greatest automaker in the world, because they have never yielded to mediocrity, instead they have striven to make a product that exceeds all others in every way, even in the face of bankruptcy. Despite being (ostensibly) a single (super) instrument band, they are remarkably well rounded. If it were not for the fact that the

BMW to Enter Autonomous Car Race

While the future of autonomous cars remains speculative at present, auto companies will continue to produce self-driving car prototypes. The quest to develop a viable autonomous car has been particularly prevalent lately—and we should know, as we’ve been covering the self-driving vehicle trend for the past several months. Now, according to Reuters, BMW looks to be the latest entrant in the race to

Porsche on a Mission E to Beat Tesla

When you’re top gun, everyone’s gonna come gunning for you. Every automaker from Mercedes to Audi—and even tech companies like Apple—claims to have an electric battery-powered luxury vehicle in development that can unseat the Tesla Model S for market supremacy. The latest challenger to the Tesla throne is Porsche, who appears to making good on CEO Matthias Mueller’s promise to produce a purely ele

Toyota: Optimistic Future

Toyota was recently bumped from their spot on the main stage. They were the highest selling auto group in the world until Volkswagen AG inched ahead in the first half of 2015. However, Toyota is adamant that sales numbers are the least of their worries, they are simply interested in remaining solvent going into the future, though it is not hard to be optimistic about their prospects. The company c