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Perspectives: VW AG Vs BP

Volkswagen Passenger Cars (VW AG) is still reeling from the Public Relations Disaster that was its diesel scandal. Despite, getting an extra 2 Billion from selling its stake in Suzuki, the company posted its first quarterly loss ever (in measured history (they didn’t start quarterly reports until 2001)). The company took out €6.7 billion to fix the 9 million recalled vehicles in Europe and the US.

Takata Corporation Vs VW AG

Ever since 2014, numerous recalls are becoming the new normal; Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Takata Corporation (and all the auto manufactures they subcontracted for), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors, Toyota, Ford… it seems no automaker is immune from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) vigilant Surveillance. Shamefully, (or thankfully, if empathetically spea

Perspectives: Enbridge Vs Volkswagen Passenger Cars

While the world is fixated on diesel Volkswagen Passenger Cars, most people haven’t the faintest fancy of even knowing what Enbridge Inc. is or does. Too bad for those of them reading this particular piece of literature, because they are about to be dosed with the disturbing knowledge of the spill filled oil company’s recent history. This article’s intention is to articulate the root of recurring

Perspectives: Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Exxon Mobil

It seems that every so often a horrifying new man made environmental disaster reaches a level of critical mass, everyone universally pans it and has an opinion to prevent the next similar calamity, suggesting new legislation and rules about it; currently the spotlight is on Volkswagen Passenger Cars. However, while the spotlight is on one major monstrosity, many more are swept under the rug. Durin

Perspectives: GM and VW AG

In the past year, two Motor Company specific recalls have reigned prevalent, one involving Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the other was for General Motors (GM) vehicles. Both have been reduced to engineering issues resulting in a monumental number of cars to be deemed unroadworthy in the US. While it is simple to mark a tally for each and every death directly attributed to the GM’s ignition switch def

Perspectives: Dieselgate Introduction

I do not purport to condone the recall of Volkswagen Passenger Cars; what the company did was wrong; and they justly deserve a swift and severe punishment. However, the media’s response to ‘dieselgate’ is an excessive overreaction. First of all, we cannot go around adding the -gate suffix haphazardly to every transgression and gaucherie. Bob Bernstein and Carl Woodward worked for over a year tryin

Scandal at Volkswagen: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi and More

Time for a quick recap on recent developments involving everyone’s favorite scandal-plagued German automaker: Five Million Not Served Approximately five million Volkswagen Passenger Cars were outfitted with the defeat devices used to cheat emissions tests, according to a statement released by Volkswagen on Friday. Earlier in the week, VW revealed that 11 million of its diesel-powered vehicles, s

Volkswagen Passenger Cars: Die Diesel Die

Diesel Cars have never been able to take a proportional share of the Automotive market (in the US anyway). 2 Litre TDI Volkswagen Passenger Cars did the impossible for quite a while; until it came to light that they were cheating on emissions tests; likely killing diesel’s future as a fuel. A year before Charles and Frank made their first car, Rudolf Diesel patented the design for a diesel powere