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Perspectives: VW AG Vs BP

Volkswagen Passenger Cars (VW AG) is still reeling from the Public Relations Disaster that was its diesel scandal. Despite, getting an extra 2 Billion from selling its stake in Suzuki, the company posted its first quarterly loss ever (in measured history (they didn’t start quarterly reports until 2001)). The company took out €6.7 billion to fix the 9 million recalled vehicles in Europe and the US.

Exxon Mobil VW AG and Tobacco

Lately, the most discussed Public Relations disaster has been Volkswagen Auto Group’s (VW AG) diesel debacle, however Exxon Mobil (who is no stranger to scandal themselves) may have gotten themselves hotter water (yes, that is a joke about frack filled tap water (too soon?)) than even they are used to. They are being accused of lying to the Attorney General, and possibly funding fraudulent informa