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Test Driving the New 2018 BMW 440i Coupe

May 15, 2017

Test Driving the New 2018 BMW 440i Coupe

While well-established auto manufacturers often launch mid-life vehicles in order to optimize sales and drive fan attention, the process itself can be difficult. Conferences will always be longer and more stressful, and numerous speakers may nitpick every last detail of the vehicle, to the point of irrelevance to many interested drivers. When it comes to the new 2018 BMW 440i Coupe, however, there is a definite confidence that the manufacturer has that speaks volumes for the nature of the vehicle itself. Though nuanced details help define the face of the car, there is much to be said about what reminds the same, and hardware changes promise to improve the performance and optimize the driver experience.

The list of modifications made to the 2018 BMW 440i is fairly extensive, and it includes a number of desirable features that can make the driving experience all the more enjoyable. These include things such as a newly retuned suspension that showcases much more aggressive dampers and a carefully recalibrated power steering function, which aims to improve the car's handling in sharp turns and emergency conditions. Additionally, new software and programming options promise to make the vehicle more responsive as well, such as in the way the vehicle's stability and traction control system works with its ABS systems, which translates to a much more sporty and nimble driving experience. The superb performance culminates in 320 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque.

To emphasize versatility and functionality, the new 2018 BMW 440i Coupe comes available with a six-speed manual transmission standard or another optional 8-speed automatic transmission. This helps cut down the vehicle's 0-to-60 time by as much as a tenth, to a very sizeable 4.8 seconds. The exterior makeover is definitely intended to turn heads just as much as the functional hardware changes. There is a much more aggressive nose established, designed to work with the bigger central air intake, and the rear showcases a much more elongated form, along with a wider track to turn heads on the road. It comes with full LED lights as well, another advantage designed to optimize the user experience in as much a visual way as a functional one.

The interior is comfortable and features a streamlined system of decorations to improve the theme itself. Drivers were very pleased with how unified the overall design is, and the cockpit is meant to emphasize driver comfort. Those who had the opportunity to take the vehicle out on the road were especially pleased with how the car was able to handle in all types of driving conditions. Fans are already excited about the release of the vehicle, and car enthusiasts the world over are looking forward to seeing what this new option can provide for them.