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The Best Automotive Technologies of 2019

April 18, 2019

The Best Automotive Technologies of 2019

Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever with car makers introducing new and more advanced technologies every year. This year’s top technologies range from app integration to cameras that prevent accidents. Here’s an overview of the top technologies for 2019. 

Stolen vehicle software is one of this year’s top technologies. Experts predict that more than 750,000 vehicles will be stolen this year. While that sounds like a lot, around 46 percent of them will be returned to their owners. The number that will be returned continues to grow due to new technology. Automakers now offer stolen vehicle tracking software, allowing law enforcement officials to determine where a vehicle is located. 

Consumers love user-friendly infotainment systems, but car makers have been struggling to develop ones that are easy to use. This is why Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connectivity are so great. Once activated, these systems take over the vehicle’s infotainment setup and replace it with one that a consumer is familiar with by Apple or Google. Most auto manufacturers have stated that they will offer this type of technology, but they aren’t doing so in every trim or model, so consumers who want this option will need to check whether a vehicle has one before making a purchase. 

Rear cross traffic alert technology is a safety advancement that car buyers will appreciate having access to. With rear cross traffic technology, drivers can avoid backing into another car, person or object. These systems mainly use beeping to issue the alert, but more advanced systems employ automatic braking to prevent collisions. 

Camera technology is advancing. Today, many vehicles come with rear backup cameras, which decrease situations of backing up into something or someone. Car companies are also starting to add 360-degree cameras to vehicles. According to insurance companies, low-speed crashes are among the most common accidents. With a 360-degree camera, many, if not most, of these accidents can be avoided. The technology works by using cameras that are installed on every side of the vehicle combined with computing software that displays a top-down view of the vehicle’s surroundings. It exhibits the sides of a garage, whether a vehicle is within the lines of a parking spot or guidelines for parallel parking. 

Mobile apps are also making life easier for car owners. When connected to a vehicle’s main computer, these apps can do things like lock and unlock doors remotely. They can also determine how much fuel is in the vehicle and where the tire pressure is at. Apps even do things like start a vehicle remotely, which is great when it’s especially hot or cold outside. 

Technological advancements make vehicles safer and easier to drive. They can decrease the stress of driving in heavy traffic conditions and work to keep the vehicle intact and free of dents or dings.