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The Mazda Miata is as Fun as Ever to Drive

October 2, 2018

The Mazda Miata is as Fun as Ever to Drive

The 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata embodies the spirit of the car model’s earlier incarnations by being as fun as ever to drive. With more power than before, the new Miata is the apple of Miata’s eye, a bestseller that has its own fan base.


For 2019, Mazda increased the engine power by equipping the Miata with a 2.0-liter I-4. The engine produces 181 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque. Buyers can go with the vehicle’s standard six-speed manual transmission or an optional six-speed automatic one. Mazda replaced the car model’s previous single-mass unit for a dual-mass flywheel. The car company also added a standard rearview camera and a tilt and telescoping steering wheel.


Mazda’s latest Miata is about 7 pounds heavier than it was before and its fuel economy is as good as ever. In fact, if new car buyers go with the manual transmission, they’ll receive 26 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon when they get out on the highway. With the automatic transmission installed, the 2019 Miata gets 26 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway. The chassis communicates with drivers, giving them the confidence to take corners at high speeds. It eases left and right instead of shifting direction abruptly.


The 2019 Mazda Miata comes with a lane departure warning system, rear-cross traffic alert system and blind spot detection. Upgrades include features like traffic sign recognition, automatic high beams, and rain-sensing wipers. A convertible option is also available.


The exterior of the Miata is sporty looking and sleek. Mazda’s sports car comes in colors like Arctic White, Eternal Blue Mica and Soul Red Crystal Metallic.


Inside the car, drivers will appreciate old-school knobs that make activating the AC and heat a breeze. There are push buttons for the seat heaters, and the leather-trimmed seats provide plenty of support during long drives. Mazda equipped the 2019 Miata will a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, giving drivers access to navigation and vehicle notifications.


Depending on the height of the driver, those who buy a basic, hardtop Miata may feel as though their heads are a little close to the roof. This model has just 36.8 inches of height available. The soft top model has more space at 37.4 inches. The vehicle could also use a tad more legroom, but the amount that’s there is enough for most people.


In developing the Miata, Mazda has brought a simple sports car to the market, one that places the thrill of driving over everything else. While this may not be a car for everyone, those who like to zip around town will enjoy doing so in this fine and fun automobile.