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The New BMW 5-series Just Released the Quietest Diesel Engine for its Class and Model - What Does This Mean for the Future of Automotive?

September 18, 2017

The New BMW 5-series Just Released the Quietest Diesel Engine for its Class and Model - What Does This Mean for the Future of Automotive?

Diesel sedans always filled an interesting spot in the automotive market.  On the one hand, these cars’ engines produce loud growls that annoy some.  But on the other hand, there’s no denying they offer some of the best fuel efficiency in the market.  People looking to save money at the gas pump need to decide if such a loud motor was worth the better mpg. 

Times have changed quite a bit.  Now in 2017, BMW shifts the image of the typical diesel engine with the German manufacturer’s 523d.  This sedan presents the world’s quietest diesel motor with some impressive luxury and performance.  But even with all this said, can it keep up with other petrol-powered cars on the market?  Read along to see how the BMW 523d is not only a contender at dealerships but also an innovative masterpiece in the automotive world.


Under The Hood

Have you ever wondered if diesel sedans present a subpar performance when compared to other sports cars on the market?  The BMW 523d proves that its diesel engine is no slouch when it comes to a phenomenal drive.   

With 190 hp and 295 lb-ft torque, this 2.0 turbo liter diesel engine lacks no speed by any means.  In fact, the car accelerates from 0-60 mph in less than 6.2 seconds, which is a pretty impressive number for a luxury car—even more so for a diesel engine. 

In fact, with these numbers in mind, these specs closely match that of BMW’s petrol-powered 530i.  This engine packs enough hp and torque to effortlessly merge onto the busiest of highways without any slowdowns.

With the BMW 523d, perhaps the most impressive features come with the specs that cannot be seen (or heard for that matter).  Drop all your inimical perceptions of diesel engines here because this motor is one of the quietest you will ever find.  When sitting idle, you might hear the occasional diesel growl.  But you really need to listen for these noises.  Even better, once you rev up some RPMs, this luxury car loses any sense of roaring or rumbling that is common with a diesel engine. 

Keep in mind this car does not defy every perception about diesel motors.  This is a good thing.  Impressively, the fuel economy remains as exceptional as expected of a diesel engine.  With 45 mpg, your wallet will thank you in between drives to the gas pumps.


The Luxury Interior

The fun does not stop at the diesel engine and the gas pump.  This is a luxury vehicle after all. As you would expect, BMW equips this vehicle with all the luxury features one could ever want.

The interior design applies the typical leather with wooden accents.  Seats feel comfortable as the backseat offers plenty of legroom.  If you really want to impress your passengers, then the gesture control system will surely evoke some “awes.”  As the name implies, riders make gestures with their hands to change radio stations, alter the volume, and answer phone calls.



At the end of the day, great performance, fuel economy, and luxury mean little if the car cannot keep passengers and drivers safe.  Thankfully, the BMW 523d offers all the safety features of the modern luxury car.  Auto braking, lane departure warnings, blind spot signals, cruise control, and speed limit assists are all present here. 

If you follow the latest automotive news, you’ll see that the BMW 5 series received a 5-star rating for 2017.  Considering the 523d is a member of the 5 series, you can apply this score to the BMW’s diesel sedan as well.


The (Sort of) Downside

So, are you reading this wanting to buy your own BMW 523d?  Sadly, this car is only available in Asia.  And its 520d diesel counterpart is not sold in the US.

However, not all is bad.

We have more than enough information to suggest BMW’s best performing diesel cars will arrive stateside within a few years.  For starters, the BMW 523d represents half of the BMWs sold in Japan.  You read that right, 50% of one country’s BMW sales are for this diesel sedan.  So wouldn’t it make sense for BMW to try to continue this success on a global scale?

So, with this in mind, the future of BMW’s diesel engines looks highly optimistic.  From here, we cannot wait to see how other manufacturers react.  Who knows, maybe diesel will be the automotive future.  For now, we do know that BMW created one of the world’s quietest diesel engines ever.  With exceptional performance, great fuel economy, and comfortable luxury, what more could any buyer ask of a car?