The Nissan Nismo Leaf: an Electric Sports Hatchback

November 30, 2017

The Nissan Nismo Leaf: an Electric Sports Hatchback

Let’s be honest. When it comes to electric vehicles, a sports hatchback is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. An affordable sports EV sounds even more far-fetched. 

But Nissan aims to accomplish just that with its latest concept. Last month at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese automaker surprised us all with its Nissan Leaf Nismo concept. If you’re a fan of fast Japanese cars, then you already know what that Nismo sticker means. So, let’s just jump right in and see what sets the Nismo Leaf apart from its street counterpart.


The Nismo Leaf’s Sporty Design

If you’re familiar with the look of the 2018 Leaf, then you might notice some differences as far as design goes. The car’s exterior sports a new paint scheme to show off the sexy contours of this electric sports hatch.

The base colors of black and white will surely catch your eye. Simply put, they really add a sleek and suave feel to the Nissan Leaf. Yet the subtle red lines that accent the grille and edges of the car really do add that sporty finishing touch to this EV. As a whole, there’s no denying that the new paint scheme really offers that performance look to the Nismo Leaf.

Open that side door and the barrage of attractive design choices does not end. A smooth black interior almost begs for drivers and passengers to sit inside the Nismo Leaf. Meanwhile, those smooth red accents from the outside make their way to the inside, accenting the vents and seats quite well.

Finishing off the great looks of the Nismo Leaf are the digital gauges. Little else truly exudes sporty and electric quite like these gauges—so they are definitely worth a look if nothing else.


How Will the Nismo Leaf Drive?

Here’s the question we’ve all been wondering. A car might look great, but we all know that means nothing if it can’t produce a smooth drive on the roads.

Even though Nissan revealed little about the Nismo Leaf’s specs, we did receive just enough information to ignite some hype and interest.

For starters, the Nismo Leaf does offer a lower suspension when compared to the basic 2018 model. So you can expect some better aerodynamics here with less wind drag and better handling—which is always nice on a sports car.

Also, Nissan mentioned that the Nismo Leaf will offer a retuned computer. This will allow for more speed in comparison to the 2018 Nissan Leaf or, as Nissan puts it, “instant acceleration” at any speed.

Lastly, you’ll notice some further design choices that will allow for some impressive performance. Those attractive six-spoke wheels will offer high-performance tread to allow for better grip and handling. Furthermore, Nissan lowered the facia and spoiler to allow for reduced lift and drag.


When Can You Buy a Nissan Leaf Nismo?

So far, Nissan revealed nothing about a release date. In fact, as a concept car, we don’t even know if this electric sports hatch will enter production any time soon.

But don’t lose hope yet, as we have plenty of reason to speculate the Nissan Leaf Nismo will make its way to the streets soon. For starters, Nissan has been trying to expand the marketing of the Leaf in recent years. So what better way to generate interest than with a sports trim of its EV? 

Furthermore, Nissan did reveal that it will be featured in the 2018 FIA Formula E racing championship. Seeing as this is an event solely for electric cars, it’s very possible you might get to see the Nismo Leaf in action. So keep your eyes open for that event.

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