Tokyo Motor Show Highlights

November 22, 2017

Tokyo Motor Show Highlights

This past week, all the big names in the Japanese auto scene got a chance to showcase what they have been working on in the past year at the Tokyo Motor Show. Here are five cars that captured our attention and imagination.


Toyota unleashed a hybrid concept to attendees at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is a concept sports car known as the GR HV Sports. The car’s aesthetic is based on their 86 coupe. However, the GR HV has a sleeker look than the original coupe. The GR HV concept aims to combine the fun of a sports car with being environmentally friendly. Not much has been revealed about the car since it is still in the concept stage but we can’t wait to hear more.



Mitsubishi came out with an electric concept car that looks like it came from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner movie. The car is aptly called e-Evolution and it has a seriously futuristic look. The car is a mid-size SUV that has a more rounded and sleek looking front, roof, and backside. Along with looking futuristic, the car comes with features that come straight from the future. The features include AI hardware that has a sensory network which collects traffic data and information about the roads, along with a deployable drone that you can control to go ahead of you to check out traffic conditions.



At the Frankfurt Motor show, Honda unleased an Urban EV Concept. The car has two doors and comes with a really cool, retro hatchback look. Best part is, the car runs on battery power only. For the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda used the momentum from Frankfurt and they unveiled a concept for an electric sports car simply known as the Sports EV. It is the sports car version of the Urban EV. The Sport EV has the retro look the Urban has, but it is not shaped as boxy as the Urban EV. The car has a roofline with a slope, a long hood, and will be a two seater. Honda says that the aim of this car is for the driver to feel as if they are one with the car. They want to make driving this car a spiritual experience.



Nissan showed attendees a more affordable electric car. Nissan showed the Leaf Nismo Concept. The concept car is a cooler version of their Leaf electric car. For the Nismo Concept, Nissan modeled the body after a race car and improved the suspension system so that the car can handle more rough terrain. The Leaf Nismo is intended to be the sporty version of the Leaf and is meant to be used as an outdoor vehicle. The vehicle can handle heavy duty task in all sorts of terrains. This is going to be the car that you want to take on a camping trip.




Subaru is not really top of mind for many car buyers, but the Viziv Performance Concept car may very well change that. Subaru has not revealed too much information about the car, but motor show attendees got a glimpse of the exterior. The car is a sport sedan with a very muscular body. The front of the car has LED headlights that come with large air intakes underneath the lights. The car comes with very small side mirrors and button release door handles.

It seems like with this sedan, Subaru is going to take away traditional features in favor of a more efficient approach. Who needs door handles anyway? There’s a button for that.

The Tokyo Motor Show had some really interesting and amazing designs this year. Seeing the focus on electric and other forms of fuel gives us the impression that moving away from gas a big priority for car manufacturers. We are excited to see what the future holds for automotive trends.