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Top Car Rental Safety Tips

November 9, 2016

Top Car Rental Safety Tips

Renting a car is a necessity when you travel somewhere new. Like with any vehicle, it is important to keep the basic rules of the road in mind when you drive, but what about securing the vehicle itself? Before you reserve your rental car, it is important to keep a few rental safety tips in mind in order to enjoy your driving even more.

Check with Your Insurance Provider

As you shop around for the right rental car, make sure that you check in with your insurance provider and credit card travel protection system to make sure that you are covered for rental cars. Some insurance providers may not offer satisfactory coverage, so it is always a good idea to have a concrete number in mind before you finalize your rental. If you have to supplement your car rental coverage, make sure that you add it on to your existing travel insurance plan upon purchase.

Keep a Flashlight and Camera with You

You will need to check up on your vehicle when you get it to make sure that you can spot signs of damage and record them as a before and after part of the rental process. Make sure that you carry around a flashlight so that you can easily do this if you receive your vehicle at night. Similarly, have a camera ready as well, as this will allow you to take pictures of the existing damage for proof when you turn your vehicle in.

Ask About Maintenance at the Counter

When you are getting the rental process started at the counter, make sure that you ask about the car's maintenance schedule. You want to have a clear date on its last maintenance, and you may want to work with a different rental place if the clerk is not answering the question. Ask the representatives about some of the car's features and driving requirements as well.

Adjust the Car Comfortably

When you are ready to begin driving, adjust the car's different sections to your comfort. Make sure that everything is functioning as required and that you have clear documentation on the damage if anything is out of the ordinary. Check the tires and odometer, and make sure that you get a good feel for the way the vehicle handles before you take it out for any extended drives. Once you are familiar with the vehicle, enjoy the drive!