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Volkswagen Plans Launch of New Electric Car-Share Service

September 18, 2018

Volkswagen Plans Launch of New Electric Car-Share Service

Car-share services are growing in popularity all over the world, especially as auto manufacturers are focusing their efforts to provide drivers with more reliable and energy-efficient vehicles. Volkswagen has always been a leading name in the automotive industry, so it should come as no surprise that the manufacturing giant is trying to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to providing their clients with a broad variety of advancements and services. In a recent press conference, representatives of the brand have confirmed that a new electric car-share service will become available for residents in Berlin, starting in 2019. Representatives have also said that the German auto company is planning on rolling out fleets to other key cities in North America and Europe as well.

Volkswagen is planning on this launch as a way to explore new e-mobility car-sharing services to look beyond traditional ownership options for those who are unable to afford a new vehicle. VW makes up roughly half the sales generated by the larger Volkswagen parent group. Approximately 1,500 e-Golf cars will be ready for the capital's streets for the second quarter of 2019. Professionals have also said that within two years, that number of all-electric vehicles will grow as large as 2,000. The firm has also said that by 2020, the service will be available in other German cities as well, with options available for different sections of Europe and North America as soon as it becomes feasible.

The plan was met with tremendous positive reception. As a result, the auto company has predicted that they could experience a 15 percent annual growth in Europe alone for all types of on-demand vehicles. General car-sharing services has become one of the most major plays for auto firms, especially those who are interested in reaching out to younger customers and getting a broader degree of access out on the market to all types of vehicles. Other manufacturers are following suit as well. French auto giants Renault and PSA are competing similarly to launch a brand new electric car-share service for residents of Paris.

Volkswagen has also said that each of its new electric vehicles will function on a data-passing system in order to keep in contact with cloud-based options. This will help analyze customers' driving patterns and personal data in order to determine how to more effectively develop hailing and carpooling services in the future. Board members are hoping that such new options can help the platform grow to host millions of new customers every year, developing an encompassing ecosystem to better provide drivers with the options they need in the future. As such, many are excited to see how this service can develop.

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