What Other Hatchbacks Can Learn From the Honda Civic Type R

October 24, 2017

What Other Hatchbacks Can Learn From the Honda Civic Type R

The time has finally come!  The Honda Civic Type R made its way onto US soil.  American fans of Japanese sports cars waited an entire two decades for this moment to arrive, and frankly, the wait was worthwhile.  Currently, the Honda Civic Type R offers some of the best performance drivers can find from a hatchback.  In fact, some of Civic Type R’s features offer such a great experience that we’d argue other hatchbacks could take a note or two.  Are you ready to see what sets the Honda Civic Type R a step above other hatchbacks?  Then read along with us and see why this car was so highly anticipated!


Under the Hood/ Performance

Honda’s turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder direct-injected 16-valve-i-VTEC engine is not messing around when it comes to performance.  You’ll find 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft torque.  Want a more visual number?  With these specs, you’ll have no problems getting the Civic Type R from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds.  In other words, this car offers some fast acceleration.

But the fun is not solely in the car’s speed.  Moving to the transmission, the Honda Civic Type R offers a six-speed manual gearbox.  If you’re not so great at shifting, the innovative automatic rev-matching is just the feature for you.  As the name implies, the hatchback will downshift with incredible precision.  However, you can shut the feature off if it bothers you.  But after using it a few times for yourself, you might ask why you don’t see such a convenient feature more often.

If easy shifts aren’t enough to grab your interest, then perhaps the 28-highway mpg will standout.  The fuel economy is exceptional for any sports car, so you’ll save a few trips to the gas pumps with the Honda Civic Type R.

When it comes to grip, the Civic Type R drives with 20-inch wheels.  This might sound like a large wheel, but they do allow for some decent traction on most types of roads.  Furthermore, you’ll find the Honda does a great job of turning and parking in the tightest of spaces.

Lastly, Honda added a center-exit exhaust.  This is not just a cosmetic touch.  Instead, the feature determines where the exhaust and airflow will go when the car travels at different speeds.  The result helps control the noise of the car.



Moving to the inside of the car, Honda created one of the most comfortable hatchback experiences on the market.  The front cloth seats offer a nice cushiony feel.  If you’ve ever sat inside a Honda Civic, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. 

With the Type R, Honda even integrated some stylish and loud red seats that accent the vehicle quite well.  If nothing else, the seats do compliment the red coloring on the steering wheel and gauges nicely.

As far as luxury goes, the front seat offers dual zone climate controls.  Meanwhile, Android Auto and Apple Car Play allow for smartphone connectivity.  To help with your phone’s battery life, Honda also included USB inputs in the car to charge and/or connect your mobile devices.

Lastly, keep in mind that the cabin does offer plenty of legroom for backseat passengers.  Combine this with the natural quiet drive of the Type R, and even your passengers will enjoy a comfortable and smooth drive.



At the end of the day, performance and luxury mean little if a car will not keep the driver and passengers safe.  Surprisingly, the 2017 Honda Civic received one of the best safety ratings compared to most cars in the market!

To start, NHTSA rated the hatchback a whopping five-star safety rating for all safety features—the highest grade available.  Furthermore, IIHS ranked the Civic as “good” for all safety features.  Again, “good” is the highest rating IIHS awards to cars. 

You can rest easy knowing that the Honda Civic will offer you a safe drive anywhere you go.  To help with this task, this vehicle offers all the modern safety features you’ll ever need.  These include lane departure warnings, brake assists, a sensitive forward collision warning system, and much more.


The Bottom Line

It’s not too often we find a hatchback that combines performance, comfort, and safety all in one sporty package.  But the Honda Civic Type R found a way to accomplish that exact task.  Perhaps the best part of this deal includes how this car is now available in the US, which means no more excessive import fees!