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What Sets the 2018 Mazda 6 Apart

July 24, 2018

What Sets the 2018 Mazda 6 Apart

Showcasing one of the most attractive overall packages in the modern automobile market, the Mazda 6 has something for everyone. Fans of the brand will find that there is more to this mid-sized family sedan than meets the eye. Many were pleased with the price tag on the standard vehicle, especially given its makeover. The vehicle features a beautifully chiseled body and attractively ergonomic cabin, often seen in pricier models. Similarly, the handling can be comparable to sports sedans with how well the chassis is balanced. All of these traits come together to provide drivers with a memorable system of dynamics in an extremely affordable package, making it one of the most desirable options for family vehicles. 

Instead of providing buyers with individual options, Mazda is planning on establishing higher trim levels in order to encourage buyers to get the specifics that they want. There are many other vehicles that can outperform the Mazda 6 in singular categories like speed or infotainment features, but few other cars can establish such a unique variety of advantages in such a convenient package. No hybrid option may keep some drivers away, but the overall look and feel is ideal for those who want a classic vehicle for their family. The powerful driving dynamics can be especially ideal for drivers who are planning on taking their friends and loved ones out on regular long and short drives. 

Many fans of the brand have enjoyed the makeover that the vehicle received for 2018. The car showcases many obvious updates compared to its predecessors, including new exterior styling, an impressively refreshed interior, and new additional engine options to create a specific drive-feel. The Mazda 6 features an attractive new turbocharged 2.5 liter engine with four-cylinder slots, adding more torque and horsepower for better handling in all road conditions. The inclusion of the new chassis also helps drastically reduce interior noise levels for a smoother drive. The interior provides opulence at an incredible value, with a rich leather composition, beautiful wood trim, and a comfortably ergonomic dashboard for all types of rides. 

In addition to the broad variety of physical changes, drivers can also enjoy standard safety features. Blind-spot monitoring comes as a standard part of the new Mazda 6, as well as rear cross-traffic notifications, automated emergency braking in all situations and a low-speed forward-collision warning systems. The Mazda connect touchscreen and dual-zone climate control systems also add to the experience, making any drive that much more personalized and comfortable for the whole family. Those who are looking for a brand new family vehicle or are in the market for one for the first time will find a lot to look forward to in this new model. 

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