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Los Angeles Plans Sweeping New Goals for Electric Vehicles

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles has recently unveiled his sweeping plan to establish a more sustainable and ecological Los Angeles. In his plan, he called for dramatic changes to be made to the city's car culture, air quality, and overall infrastructure environment. Through the mayor’s sustainability plan, many interested parties are imagining a city that will have 80 percent of their veh

Lexus Announces Plans to Launch Sales in Mexico

Since its beginning of selling cars in Mexico nearly 20 years ago, Toyota Motor Corp. has been bombarded with a constant question from dealers and fans alike: When will Lexus launch in South America?Lexus executives have been considering that very question themselves with an additional twist: When will the Mexican luxury market be ready to handle a new player catering to the limited number of luxu

Volkswagen Electric Batteries Will Last as Long as Their Vehicles

Volkswagen has been constantly raising the bar for their vehicles for many years. At their Center of Excellence for Battery Cells, the brand's Chief Executive Officer, Frank Blome, has said that the company plans for their future MEB-based electric vehicles to have a guaranteed minimum capacity of 70 percent battery capacity for eight years or around 100,000 miles. This is tremendous news for car

Better Protection for Rear-Seat Passengers

After reviewing 117 car accidents in the United States, the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a report stating that it intended to subject car manufacturers to a new crash test, one that will assess how safe a vehicle is for backseat passengers.The review determined that backseat passengers are more likely to be injured or killed than front seat passengers in a front crash collision. In

2019 GMC Terrain Offers Style and Flexibility

Incredibly appealing when properly equipped, the 2019 GMC Terrain is a small SUV that’s able to tow up to 3,500 pounds. This is a vehicle that has seating for five people, and it comes in four different trim levels, which are the base SL, SLE, SLT, and Denali. With this vehicle, consumers can choose from three different engines, a unique offering for the SUV segment. Front-wheel drive is sta

New Electric Vehicles Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2019

China boasts to have the world's biggest car market. In order to keep up with other worldwide ecology goals, officials are heavily pushing to have zero-emissions vehicles available. These will combat known pollution issues, so it is not unusual to see that this year's Auto Shanghai show is filled with brand new electric vehicles. Many of the new models also come in a selection of trims and version

Global Electric Car Market Projected to Reach US $912 Billion by 2026

As research continues to develop, more and more automotive brands and producers are beginning to open up to the idea of working with electric vehicles in the future. This promises to expand the potential market even further, and new research shows that electric vehicle enthusiasts will have a lot to look forward to in the future when it comes to their options.The latest research that has been repo

The 2019 Dodge Ram 1500: Versatile and Fine-Riding

Auto manufacturers are stepping it up when it comes to developing the pickup trucks in their lineups. For instance, the Dodge Ram 1500 is not only a workhorse, but it is also a luxurious vehicle, making it a truck that’s designed for work and play. For 2019, Dodge decided to completely redesign the 1500 Ram. The most recent model is lighter, but it has an increased payload and even better to

The Best Automotive Technologies of 2019

Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever with car makers introducing new and more advanced technologies every year. This year’s top technologies range from app integration to cameras that prevent accidents. Here’s an overview of the top technologies for 2019.Stolen vehicle software is one of this year’s top technologies. Experts predict that more than 750,000 vehic

The 2019 Infiniti QX30 is Affordable to Own and Fun to Drive

As the smallest and most affordable SUV in the Infiniti line up, the 2019 Infiniti QX30 is sure to appeal to buyers who want something elegant that will fit easily in their garage. The QX30 has an aerodynamic exterior design combined with a tasteful and refined cabin. Infiniti’s small SUV offers quality and value. Starting at just over $30,000, the QX30 comes with features like “Zero G