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Car Safety Innovations Paving the Way for Safer Driving

November 17, 2016

Car Safety Innovations Paving the Way for Safer Driving

Automakers are always moving forward, developing new systems that can guarantee the optimal handling of the vehicle and the safety of the drivers. Many powerful and innovative safety features that once seemed the stuff of science fiction are now regularly used to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind. Some safety innovations have been particularly inspiring in their functionality, driving future innovations forward to provide owners with even further safety.

Electronic Stability Control

One of the most necessary innovations in the past several years is stability control. First introduced in 1995, this feature helps provide the vehicle with additional traction control in the event of stability problems. With electronic additions and stronger fine-tuning on the sensors, drivers can regain control of their vehicles as soon as the car begins to weave or slip. Some stability control systems are so advanced that the car corrects itself before the driver is even aware of the problem.

Tire Pressure Monitoring 

Maintaining correct tire pressure is critical in preventing all types of issues with the drive. Experiencing and preparing for major blowouts are important, but most drivers cannot detect a slow leak, or other smaller problems that could lead to emergency situations. With a tire pressure monitoring system, the vehicle lets drivers stay up to date on the condition of its tires. Wireless tire pressure sensors can help individuals prepare for an unforeseen issue, and some advanced systems can even help individuals stay on top of temperature readings. 

Adaptive Lighting

With new adaptive lighting features, drivers do not have to worry about manually adjusting their vehicle's lighting to keep up with different road conditions. Not only do these lighting systems help provide visibility, but they can also help individuals save energy by changing settings as necessary. Some systems can even provide drivers with a swivel system that can allow them to light up corners and increase visibility on the road in all conditions.

Blind Spot Monitoring 

Another critical piece of technology helps drivers stay ahead of the curve through blind spot monitoring. Every vehicle has a blind spot, and keeping an eye on it can help drivers avoid unwanted accidents. The blind spot monitoring system is one of the most accurate and least obstructive articles of technology available, capable of providing a clear visual of the problem area without requiring for the driver to adjust their position in the car.

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