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How Vehicle Safety Systems Prevent Car Crashes

To keep people safe in their vehicles, automakers are developing new active technology that’s designed to prevent accidents. This tech gear is being added to everything from tiny compact cars to behemoth SUVs. As more of these systems reach the market, the complexity of them can make it difficult to understand what they do. Here’s a list of the latest vehicle safety features and a desc

The 2020 Honda Passport is the Perfect Size

The 2020 Honda Passport is a five-passenger midsize SUV, one that offers plenty of space for families and comes in four trim levels. Each trim is available in front or all-wheel drive except for the Elite trim, which comes in all-wheel drive only. Every version of the SUV is equipped with 20-inch wheels, Honda’s driver assistant features, and the company’s safety gear. The Passport ra

Ohio State Senators Focus on Bipartisan Electric Vehicle Legislature

As more and more automotive professionals begin to switch up their platform to include electric vehicles, government officials are focusing on legislature plans to make it easier for customers to transition into the field of electric cars. State Senators Sean O’Brien and Michael Rulli, both natives of Mahoning Valley, are focusing on a bill that can provide drivers with a broad variety of in

Volkswagen ID3 Struggles with Software Issues

More and more automotive brands from all over the world are focusing their resources on developing efficient electric vehicles. Unfortunately, the process is not always a smooth one. According to Germany’s Manager Magazine, Volkswagen has been struggling with various software problems for the ID3, an all-electric car under the main brand. Though the hardware systems are working as desired, t

The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V: A Different Kind of Muscle Car

The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V is the perfect car for those who want a luxury vehicle that knows how to move. Its four doors provide a practical element while the Corvette-derived V8 supercharged engine generates 640 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle features an adjustable suspension in addition to high-performance brakes, resulting in a car that is highly competent. Cadillac designed

Electric Vehicles Drive Global Demand For Lithium

Electric vehicles have been shaping the world for the last several decades. As technology continues to advance, many modern markets are affected, including raw resource expeditions that must match demands for future developments. The lithium market is one such expedition, as many electric vehicles use lithium as a primary material for these batteries. Slowly, as the world begins to move towards a

Subaru Ascent to Outshine the Tired Tribeca

Subaru of America wanted their new crossover to outpace the relatively slow sales and low interest levels of the Tribeca. At this early stage in the product launch, their hopes appear to be realized. The Subaru brand sold nearly 70,000 Ascents in the last year. This is in sharp contrast to the sale rates of the Tribeca, which sold just over the same amount in nearly 10 years. All the areas where

India Prepares Roadmap for Electric Vehicle Developments

All over the world, electric vehicle developments are beginning to gain traction in the automotive market. Having recently invested heavily in all types of electric vehicle technology, the sports utility vehicle company of Mahindra & Mahindra, M&M, has said that it will not change any of its business plans to support hybrids. Though some of the group's biggest rivals are beginning to inves

Going Bigger with a New Vehicle: The 2020 Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai is going all in on the SUV market. For 2020, the automaker is bringing out the Palisade. With three rows of seats, the Palisade will be Hyundai’s largest SUV. It features distinctive, and attractive, styling that consists of a stout front end that’s framed by large lights. The combination gives the SUV a look that’s upscale and unique, not unlike the large Infiniti SUV.

Switching Between Electric Car Charging Networks Becomes Easier in America

Though electric vehicle systems have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, many individuals and professionals struggle to reconcile a number of lifestyle and accessibility changes in order to optimize electric driving. One of the biggest issues that face many prospective owners is the process of charging vehicles. Because electric vehicle battery ranges are still being optimized, driv