Exhaust System Maintenance Increases Vehicle Safety

Your car’s exhaust system is an important feature, one that offers many protections. It not only works to keep you safe, but it also protects the environment and ensures that your vehicle is getting the best possible gas mileage. For your car to operate properly, fuel and air are burned up within the combustion chamber. Your vehicle’s exhaust system converts the harmful gases that form

Autonomous Driving: Safety and the Double Standard

The development of autonomous cars has brought a new and exciting concept to everyday travel. Practically the entire automotive industry is on board with developing and testing their own autonomous vehicles. Even Silicon Valley has its hand in the mix, with Google creating its own autonomous prototypes. With over 33,000 deaths caused by auto accidents each year, automakers and safety regulators ar

Auto Safety Regulators Put the Brakes on Apps

If you own a cell phone or other hand-held electronic device, you are likely aware that they have airplane modes that disable their ability to communicate wirelessly. This helps to stop any interference that may happen inside the modern aircraft. Federal auto safety regulators are requesting that these devices add a driver mode to modify or altogether block many apps and other abilities in order t

Volvo 90 Series Vehicles Slotted to Receive Safety Changes

Safety is always a prime concern for auto manufacturers. Every year, new safety features are rolled out for vehicles, designed to not only help drivers deal with the damage that could occur in the event of an accident, but also maintain better visibility conditions in order to avoid the accident in the first place. For many automakers, their dedication to safety is a passion that helps limit poten

Booster Seat Ratings Provide Details Regarding Child Safety

When it comes to choosing a good safety belt for your child, it is important to be vigilant. There are numerous brands and options available on the market, and recently professionals have had the opportunity to review the products in order to provide customers with the latest information regarding booster seats. Currently, child booster seats have shown a tremendous breakthrough in a relatively el

New Driving App Promises to Optimize Safety

Safety has always been a pressing concern for car manufacturers. New vehicles are constantly being developed with safety in mind in order to provide drivers with enhanced security for all situations on the road. Through recent developments, drivers in Manhattan, San Francisco and Tel Aviv may have the opportunity to enjoy another safety tool readily available for their use. With the development of

Car Safety Innovations Paving the Way for Safer Driving

Automakers are always moving forward, developing new systems that can guarantee the optimal handling of the vehicle and the safety of the drivers. Many powerful and innovative safety features that once seemed the stuff of science fiction are now regularly used to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind. Some safety innovations have been particularly inspiring in their functionality, driving futu

What Goes Into the Car Safety Rating?

If you have taken a look at your car's safety rating, you might be wondering how the classification is determined in the first place. Car safety ratings exist to provide customers with an idea of what to expect from their vehicles. A good rating is paramount in reinforcing the safety of you and your passengers, but what goes into the car safety rating? Frontal Crash Rating Perhaps the most importa

European Child Safety Features Coming to America

Assuring the safety of your passengers is important when you are a driver. You want to make sure that your friends and family know that they are in good hands and that you are prepared to deal with any problems as they come up. If you have children or are driving a friend's or loved one's child, you want to take additional precautions to reduce the potential for serious injury. In recent years, on

Maintaining Car Safety for Children

If you have a child that you want to take with you, whether to a specified destination or for a recreational drive, it is important for you to keep safety in mind. Thousands of children die from various vehicle injuries in the United States every year. Studies show that many of these are avoidable, as there are numerous child safety products and practices that can help any parent ensure the safety