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New Car Features are a Novel Take on Existing Systems

April 5, 2017

New Car Features are a Novel Take on Existing Systems

Constant advancements in automotive technology mean that individuals can look forward to safer and more responsive vehicles. Some of the most advantageous systems available for new vehicles were actually established as a result of existing technology. By focusing on existing systems and making them better, developers have the opportunity to provide drivers with more responsive results.

Adaptive Cruise Control Technology 

Though self-driving cars are a hot topic and more advanced features are always looming on the horizon, the fact of the matter is that the premise for the technology is not new. The first appearance of early self-driving car technology dates as far back as 1958, when the Chrysler Imperial was released. That vehicle featured simple cruise control, and the technology has since come a long way. Newer adaptive cruise control systems use sensors set at the front of the car to detect vehicles and maintain a comfortable speed based on the car's length. As technology becomes more advanced, the responsiveness is expected to increase, optimizing safety and driving comfort.

Easier Entry

Fans of Knight Rider will remember all of the exciting accessories that the show's featured car had. Even without the warm welcome that David Hasselhoff got every time he got into the car, early keys were designed to make the driver feel at home. Now, new technology plans on providing drivers with a way to enjoy the welcome without the keys. Small fobs, otherwise known as smart keys, are available to allow drivers to hop right into their vehicle without the keys even leaving their pockets. These cars can sense the presence of the fob from customizable distances, allowing immediate entry as desired.

Automatic Lighting

Though early lighting systems were based on reactionary driver controls, the same basic principles that apply to the responsiveness in lighting systems have simply been taken a step further. Now, drivers do not need to worry about adjusting their lighting for different road conditions. Some vehicles feature systems that are designed to provide individuals with an easy way to stay on top of their vehicle's lighting systems by using sensors to pick up on surrounding illumination and weather. This technology not only helps drivers see better, but it can also be much safer for pedestrians as well.

Rear Cameras

From the basic premise offered by the rear-view mirror, innovators have provided drivers with a way to stay ahead of what is behind them without even using mirrors or turning their heads. Rear view cameras are designed to project a visual of the individual's rear area through the use of cameras and sensors. This technology allows drivers to keep up with their surroundings without putting themselves at risk.

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