Lamborghini’s Urus SUV to Target Women

December 18, 2017

Lamborghini’s Urus SUV to Target Women

When you think of Lamborghini, you tend to think of men driving the cars. Historically, Lamborghini has largely only targeted men. However, Lamborghini now wants to go after a new audience: women and families.

In the past, women have made up about 5% of Lamborghini’s global sales. This percentage has been constant for well over a decade. What is also notable is that the sales amongst women took place mainly in America and throughout Europe. Even more notable, this past year a woman in India was declared the first woman to buy a Lamborghini in the country. Women are interested in becoming part of the Lamborghini brand, but past marketing strategies and product selection have largely been geared towards men.  

Lamborghini hopes that this small SUV will be the vehicle that will get more and more women into the Lamborghini brand. According to J.D. Power & Associates, women buy 53% of small SUVs on the market. Lamborghini is definitely going in the right by releasing the Urus, if they are going ahead with production based on that statistic alone.  

Even though the car is different from previous models, the Urus will still pack that classic Lamborghini power the brand is known for. The SUV will have 4.0 L twin-turbo V8 engines that Lamborghini specifically designed in-house for this vehicle. The engine will boast a horsepower of 650 with top speed reaching 205 mph. This beats the speed record set by the Bentley Bentayga, which has a speed of 187 mph. Once the production car becomes available, the Urus will be the fastest small SUV in the world. 

For people who are cognizant of the environment, the car will come in two versions: the traditional gasoline version and the plug-in hybrid version. Not only do consumers get a really cool-looking car, but they get a cool-looking car that is environmentally friendly.

The Urus is also set to be one of the lightest SUVs ever made. The car’s exterior will be made out of carbon fiber reinforced polymer that will contribute to the car’s light weight. The vehicle looks like previous Lamborghini models in SUV form, with a sleek and angular exterior. 

The retail price of the Urus is set to be around $200,000. This is certainly a lot more affordable than the million-dollar price tags the company puts on their cars. The car will have a slow rollout with 1000 units being made in 2018, before upping the amount to 3,500 units in 2019. Once the car reaches full production levels, the Italian carmaker projects that the vehicle will account for half of their output. The vehicle has been in production at Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory. The production version of the car is set to debut on December 4, 2017. In February 2018, the car will be available for purchase.

The Urus is Lamborghini’s attempt to tap into a demographic that their previous models have failed to capture. It will be interesting to see where Lamborghini goes next if the Urus turns out to be a success.

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