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The First Lamborghini Ever Made: Not the 350 GT

Ferruccio Lamborghini was inspired by an insult to create a ferocious V12 high performance luxury car. Said insult was Enzo Ferrari’s response to Lamborghini’s critique of the 250 GT (easily one of the most coveted cars of all time). Ferruccio told Enzo that the car was too loud and too stiff to be used on normal roads, and that the clutch was subpar. Ferrari asserted that the problem

The Duality of Lamborghini: Practicality Rivalry to Bankruptcy

Ferruccio Lamborghini was an exceedingly practical man. He was born into a family of grape farmers in 1916. Due to his early onset fascination with engines, the Italian air force employed his services as mechanic. It was in the little Greek island of Rhodes, where Lamborghini became a mechanical artist. Glossing over the fact that he fought for the axis powers, he was a stupendousengineer, of the

Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept Myth

Seven years ago, Cadillac came out with what some consider to be one of the greatest concept cars ever created. I personally love everything about it, everything about the car is so… human, I guess. Instead, of being a calculated presentation of what will soon be possible; the concept takes a more artistic approach; intending evoke an interesting array of emotions. The Cadillac World Thorium Con

The Lincoln Navigator Concept, Accidentally a Pioneer

I have had this theory for a while now, but I have never written about until just this second. For the purpose of this article, I will only introduce my theory and explain in another article. Executive summary: I think that people will eventually be living in their cars en masse. The 2016 Lincoln Navigator concept may accidentally be the first conceptual 2nd generation mobile home. To be frank, I

BMW Designed a Hydrofoil and Doesn't Know it

During their centenary celebration, BMW released a concept car that is designed for the Bavarian Motor Workers’ idea for the future. The concept was fascinating and an apt example of their prowess in the market. Though, in accordance with a common critique of the brand as of late, they did not take it far enough. First, an explanation. I was referencing a complaint that the ultimate driving

Riding BMW's Vision (NEXT) of the Future

BMW turned 100 years old yesterday. The company decided to celebrate with a Carolesque view of its lifespan. To properly conceptualize their forecast of the future, they decided to make a car for the year 2116, the BMW Vision Next 100. The concept pictured above is not just a product of imagineering. That word being used in the literal sense one would infer from the portmanteau, not as an implica

Porsche on a Mission E to Beat Tesla

When you’re top gun, everyone’s gonna come gunning for you. Every automaker from Mercedes to Audi—and even tech companies like Apple—claims to have an electric battery-powered luxury vehicle in development that can unseat the Tesla Model S for market supremacy. The latest challenger to the Tesla throne is Porsche, who appears to making good on CEO Matthias Mueller’s promise to produce a purely ele

Hyundai Is Still Deciding on the Santa Cruz

The week of Concours d’Elegance Hyundai premiered a new concept, the Vision G. The Vision G seems to be a true concept, as opposed to the preview of a future model. Though, that is not to say that the Vision G is a total one off piece of art, despite the more or less blatant implication that it might be. The Vision G was unveiled at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, but still, some feat

Hyundai: Evolution of Genesis

2015 pulled the rug pulled from under Hyundai’s feet. After the over a decade of explosive expansion, the Korean company and its sister Kia are finally feeling stagnant sales like most other auto makers. The minimalist car maker responded to their new climate of mediocre growth by previewing a potential facelift for their Genesis family; Hyundai released a concept sports Coupe; the Vision G.

Hyundai of the Future

Hyundai is typically seen as a minimalistic car brand. That is by no means an insult, I used to love my Elantra. Ten years old at the time but still did everything I could from a car… albeit with the help of a handy dandy cassette converter. It shifted gears, played my music had cruise control and was capable of over 30 to the gallon if I drove conservatively. Recently, to try to shed the